Fundrise Review: How to Invest in Real Estate With Only $10

Fundrise Review: How to Invest in Real Estate With Only $10

Ever considered real estate investment on a shoestring budget? Fundrise breaks barriers by offering a platform where you can start with just $101. It's an invitation to reinvent your approach to investing through crowdfunded real estate ventures.

Fundrise Review: How to Invest in Real Estate With Only $10

Key Takeaways

  • Fundrise allows investors to start with a low minimum investment of just $101.
  • The platform charges around 1% as an annual asset management fee1.
  • Fundrise offers passive investment opportunities through REITs and funds1.
  • The Fundrise Interval Fund provides higher liquidity and diversification1.
  • Fundrise is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors1.

Fundrise has democratized real estate investing with a mere $10 entry point, making it inclusive for non-accredited investors too12. It provides various investment strategies, accommodating all from the cautious to the adventurous1.

The platform's hallmark is its passive model via eREITs™ and eFunds™. This enables investors to access real estate's benefits without the burdens of property management12. With a strict project selection process leading to only 1% approval, it offers a premium, vetted investment pool2.

What is Fundrise?

Fundrise stands out as a trailblazer in real estate crowdfunding. It has redefined the way people invest in properties with low initial capital.3 Founded in 2011, it's based in Washington DC. Fundrise has quickly expanded, now overseeing over $3.3 billion in assets and dealing with $7 billion in total asset transactions.3

Fundrise Background

At its heart, Fundrise offers a platform for investing in real estate that opens the doors to commercial real estate for everyone.3 They've grown their user base to over 500,000 investors, who can invest as little as $10 in real estate projects.4 So far, they've completed 222 projects and have 225 more ongoing.

Who is Fundrise For?

Fundrise caters to a wide audience, making it perfect for newcomers and those looking for long-term real estate investments. It's a great platform for expanding your portfolio through fractional real estate investments and gaining REIT exposure.3 Fundrise Pro is an added feature for those who want to customize their investment approach.

The platform has a strong focus on the Sunbelt region, known for its favorable market conditions. Investors can access residential and industrial sectors here.3 Fundrise also has a venture capital arm, with 21+ assets and $110 million raised, showcasing their dedication to micro-investing in real estate.4

How Does Fundrise Work?

Fundrise provides a cutting-edge platform for investors seeking entry into the real estate investment options for beginners market. Their unique eREIT and eFund options offer a distinct path into3 investing. Notably, even with small funds, anyone can venture into the property market through Fundrise, with a remarkably low starting investment of just $1052.

Fundrise Features

The platform primarily functions via utilizing crowdfunding for real estate investments, enabling passive involvement in private real estate ventures3. A major plus is its accessibility, not excluding those without accredited status, thus opening the doors to a wider range of investors5. Moreover, compared to standard real estate investments, the Fundrise Interval Fund ensures better liquidity, making your money more flexible5.

Investing Plans

Fundrise's array of investment packages caters to various aspirations and financial capabilities. These include the Starter Portfolio requiring as little as $10 to start, and ramp up to the $100,000 entry point for its Premium Level2. Each plan ensures a diversified investment, aligning with individual risk preferences and goals.

For those entering with as little as $10, the Starter Portfolio mixes income and growth eREITs 50/50, providing an introduction to diverse aspects of real estate investment5. As your portfolio matures, you gain access to more specialized and sophisticated investment paths at higher plan levels2.

Plan LevelMinimum InvestmentKey Features
Starter Portfolio$1050/50 mix of income eREIT and growth eREIT
Basic Portfolio$1,000Access to eREIT products
Core Plans$5,000Diversified eREIT and eFund offerings
Advanced Level$10,000Customized investment strategies
Premium Level$100,000Personalized portfolio management

Fundrise Review: Overview of the Best Real Estate Platform

Fundrise is a standout option in the world of real estate crowdfunding, offering a unique chance to understand the fundrise platform for real estate investment and explore passive income through real estate crowdfunding. Its solid reputation and strong financial background make it a reliable choice. With Fundrise, you can diversify your real estate investments and enjoy long-term benefits in the market.


What sets Fundrise apart is its heavy investment in every deal before it goes live, ensuring quality and thorough checks3. Also, you can start investing with just $10, a key perk for many wanting to explore passive income through real estate crowdfunding1. This, combined with over $355 million raised, proves its trustworthiness and financial strength3.

For those aiming to diversify their investments in real estate, Fundrise is a solid choice, also welcoming non-accredited investors1. Plus, their Fundrise Pro option allows for more tailored strategies, specifically designed for long-term investing goals.


Although Fundrise leads in real estate crowdfunding, it's crucial to remember this sector is still quite new. Fundrise's 11-year history looks small next to the traditional stock markets' decades5. Also, expect property prices to fluctuate with rising interest rates, possibly affecting short-term returns.

There are also tax considerations with Fundrise; your earnings are classified as regular income, not qualified dividends, which might not be ideal for some investors5.

Prefunded deals with own capitalRelatively new industry
Low $10 minimum investmentRising interest rates may impact property prices
Long track record and well-capitalizedDistributions taxed as regular income
High-quality deal flow
Open to non-accredited investors
Customization through Fundrise Pro

Fundrise Company Overview 2024 And Beyond

Fundrise is at the forefront of online real estate investing, making it easy for everyone to invest in real estate. It has raised over $355 million through 8 funding rounds, including from its investors directly. This high level of funding solidifies Fundrise's status as a top choice for real estate investment3.

Back in January 2011, Fundrise made history. It became the first to bring commercial real estate to the online world. Offering real ownership in local buildings, it started a trend3. Based in lively Washington DC, Fundrise has a team of more than 200 people. It serves over half a million investors, who come from all walks of life3.

What sets Fundrise apart is its approach to funding. It lets investors join in on the company's success, aligning their interests with its own. This open model aims to create strong bonds with its investors. It also promises to lead to higher returns for those investing in real estate online3.

Fundrise has truly revolutionized the real estate investment landscape, empowering individuals to diversify their portfolios and tap into lucrative opportunities previously reserved for institutional investors.
Key MetricFundrise Performance
Assets Under Management$3.3+ billion3
Total Asset Transactional Value$7+ billion3
Active InvestorsOver 500,0003
Net Dividends Earned by Investors$226+ million3
Average InvestmentAround $5,0003

Fundrise's goal is to make real estate investing available to all. By requiring just $10 to start, it welcomes everyone. The company's offerings span from homes to factories, mainly in the growing Sunbelt. This broad approach establishes Fundrise as a major player in the market3.

Fundrise Management Team

Fundrise is fronted by a management team rich in expertise across areas like finance, operations, tech, and marketing.3 These leaders are key to Fundrise's remarkable growth and success.

Profiles Of C-Level Executives

CEO Ben Miller, with more than 15 years in real estate and finance, guides Fundrise.3 His strategic vision and expertise have been critical in creating Fundrise's innovative investing approach.

At the core of Fundrise's executive team is COO Brandon Jenkins, who oversees design and technology operations.3 Jenkins plays a vital role in offering a tech-savvy platform for investors.

CTO Kenny Shin has led the technical operations at Fundrise since its start in 2011.3 Shin ensures Fundrise stays ahead in real estate tech through his expertise and forward-thinking.

CFO Alison Staloch looks after Fundrise's financial matters.3 Her vast experience in finance and compliance guarantees Fundrise meets high standards in financial conduct.

The group of C-level executives also includes CMO Jon Carden, who enhances Fundrise's marketing with expertise from Uber.3 His leadership boosts Fundrise’s brand awareness and appeals to investors.

Ben MillerCEO15+ years in real estate and finance
Brandon JenkinsCOODesign and technology operations
Kenny ShinCTOLeading technical operations since 2011
Alison StalochCFOFormer SEC professional
Jon CardenCMOPrevious experience at Uber

Through their combined experience and passion for innovation, Fundrise's management team stands out in the real estate investing world.3 They bring diverse, accessible opportunities to investors.

Deep-Dive Interviews With Ben Miller On Real Estate

In mid-2023, the chance to sit down with Ben Miller, Fundrise's CEO, arose. We talked about his fundrise outlook and real estate market forecast for the next year and beyond.36 The fundrise ceo interview shone a light on Miller's fundrise investment philosophy and fundrise growth strategy. It showed his careful yet discerning approach to handling risks, especially those related to downturns, while taking advantage of future trends.

With over $3.3 billion in assets under management and a total asset transactional value exceeding $7 billion, Fundrise has solidified its position as a leading real estate investment platform, attracting over 500,000 accredited and non-accredited active investors.3

Miller highlighted the value of detailed research and being ready for obstacles. This approach has helped Fundrise investors pocket more than $226 million in net dividends so far.3 Aware of the potential effects of climbing interest rates on property prices, he stayed positive about real estate's future. He pointed to Fundrise's strategic concentration on the fast-growing Sunbelt region and varied investments in residential and industrial real estate.6

Key InsightsDetails
Fundrise's ScaleOver $3.3 billion in assets under management and $7+ billion in total asset transactional value3
Investor BaseOver 500,000 accredited and non-accredited active investors3
Returns to InvestorsOver $226 million in net dividends earned3
Investment FocusResidential and industrial real estate in the Sunbelt region6

Miller's deep understanding of the real estate and finance realms illuminated Fundrise's fundrise growth strategy and fundrise investment philosophy. This made the fundrise ceo interview indispensable for those looking to broaden their investment horizons with fresh real estate options.

Fundrise Review: How to Invest in Real Estate With Only $10

As an investor, diversifying my portfolio is key. Fundrise caught my eye by offering a unique way to invest in real estate with a minimum of just $10. It's both innovative and accessible.

To start with Fundrise, opening an account is easy. I fill in some personal and financial details. After that, picking the Fundrise Starter Portfolio is a good first step. This portfolio mixes income eREIT and growth eREIT, which can earn you money through quarterly dividends and as the properties grow in value2.

For those looking to invest more, Fundrise has options from $1,000 to $100,000. With more significant investments come extra perks, like robo-investingIRA investing, and more advanced fund choices2.

Fundrise's innovative platform democratizes real estate investing, making it accessible to all investors, regardless of their financial standing.

What sets Fundrise apart is how it welcomes all types of investors. Whether you're an accredited investor or not, you can join3. This opens up the real estate market to everyone, breaking down the need for big upfront investments.

Investment LevelFeatures Unlocked
Starter Portfolio ($10)Income eREIT and Growth eREIT
Basic ($1,000)Robo-investing, IRA investing
Core ($5,000)Advanced fund access
Advanced ($10,000)Customized fund access
Premium ($100,000+)IPO investing, premium support

With over 500,000 active investors and a great track record, Fundrise is a trusted platform. For anyone looking to step into the real estate market with a small amount, it's a great choice. I personally find this option very enticing for diversifying my investments.

Fundrise's Historic Performance

When discussing fundrise returns, Fundrise stands out. It hasn't seen a year of decline yet, proving it's durable and can achieve positive fundrise annualized returns.5 For instance, in 2021, it reached an exceptional annual return of 22.99%. This was after managing a 7.31% return in 2020, a year heavily impacted by the pandemic.5 Fundrise's previous years also demonstrate success, including 9.16% in 2019, 8.81% in 2018, and 10.63% in 2017.5

Looking at current client account fundrise historical data, Fundrise's ongoing success becomes clear.3 Even when holding a large amount in cash, approximately $265 million in 2020, Fundrise managed to navigate through uncertain times. This strategy protected against having to sell assets off quickly.5

Overall, Fundrise has shown it can withstand tough times and still deliver positive long-term fundrise returns for its investors. The platform has paid out over $226 million in net dividends so far.3

Despite being relatively young, with its start in 2012,3 Fundrise has quickly become one of the top real estate crowdfunding platforms. It now serves over 500,000 investors, both accredited and non-accredited alike. With more than $3.3+ billion in assets under management, it has overseen transactions totaling $7+ billion.3

YearAnnualized Returns

Understanding Fundrise Fees

Fundrise aims to cut costs by getting rid of middlemen, yet there are fees you should know about before investing.5 These fundrise fees include a 0.15% annual advisory fee and a 0.85% annual asset management fee.5 For IRA accounts, you'll see more costs, with additional Millennium Trust IRA fees ranging from $75 to $125 yearly.5

It's also important to understand the organizational and offering costs. These can go up to 2% of your investment and are paid back to Fundrise monthly, up to 0.5% of the revenue.5 eFunds involve development fees, which can be up to 5% of total costs, not including the land.5 Moreover, selling properties within an eFund might incur 1.5% disposition fees.5

The fundrise fee structure may appear complicated, but Fundrise is committed to being clear by outlining all expenses in their circulars.5 It is crucial to carefully review these materials to fully grasp the fundrise pricing details and complete a comprehensive fundrise cost analysis before you invest.3 Despite these charges, Fundrise managed to accumulate over $3.3 billion in assets as of 2024, signaling its popularity among backers.3

Fee TypeDescriptionAmount
Annual Advisory FeeManagement fee for advisory services0.15%
Annual Asset Management FeeFee for managing real estate assets0.85%
Millennium Trust IRA FeesFees for IRA accounts with Millennium Trust$75 - $125 annually
Organizational/Offering CostsCosts reimbursed to Fundrise monthlyUp to 2%, capped at 0.5% of proceeds
eFund Development FeesFees for developing eFund propertiesUp to 5% of development costs (excluding land)
Disposition FeesFees for selling eFund properties1.5% of gross proceeds

Understanding the different fundrise expenses allows investors to make wise choices and expect realistic returns on the platform.5

Fundrise vs Competitors

In the fundrise alternatives search and thorough fundrise competitor analysis, Fundrise emerges as an innovative leader among other real estate investing platforms.78 This company, with over 300,000 investors, leads in the realm of crowdfunding, setting a very low entry point at $10 for non-accredited investors.7 Thus, Fundrise is distinguished as a fundrise compared to competitors, making real estate investment widely accessible.

Contrary to peers focused on accredited investors with high minimums, Fundrise enables individuals of all income brackets to partake in larger real estate through fractional ownership.8

Though Fundrise's advisory costs are low, at 0.15% for all assets, it includes other fees tied to specific funds.7 Comparatively, competitors like CrowdStreet have a 1.5% annual management fee for C-REITs and extra charges for Private Managed Accounts.7

Fundrise stands out by offering tailored investment options, suited for various goals, be it for growth, regular income, or a balanced strategy.7 Its array of real estate investments includes single-family homes, apartment buildings, industrial, and commercial properties.7 In contrast, CrowdStreet specializes in commercial and industrial real estate, such as offices and parking lots.7

PlatformMinimum InvestmentInvestor TypeInvestment Focus
Fundrise$10Non-accreditedDiverse real estate portfolios
CrowdStreet$25,000+AccreditedCommercial and industrial projects

Fundrise allows the reinvestment of dividends automatically. On the other hand, CrowdStreet offers more tailored portfolio options.7 Additionally, Fundrise permits early redemption, though with possible fees, while CrowdStreet's investments usually have a three to five-year locking period.7 Both emphasize clear communication on investments, fees, and reports.7

  1. It should not go unnoticed that Fundrise is quite illiquid, requiring a long-term investment view over 5 years.
  2. Investors must pay attention to Fundrise's complex fees, which go beyond the standard 1% advisory fee.
  3. Lastly, Fundrise had to suspend redemptions momentarily in 2020 during pandemic-induced uncertainty.


After a thorough assessment of Fundrise, I confidently recommend this platform for investors wanting to enter commercial real estate with as little as $109. Even at this entry level, investors can explore a Starter Portfolio that offers an easy way in9. Fundrise stands out due to its impressive history and the expertise of its leaders.

Prospective investors, however, must meticulously examine Fundrise's costs, risks, and the possibility of halting redemptions10. It's important to make sure these aspects align with your financial goals and risk appetite. Fundrise charges an annual advisory fee of 0.15% on assets, a 0.85% asset management fee, and additional charges for certain services9. These expenses, though straightforward, can reduce your profits and should be considered seriously.

In short, Fundrise is an excellent choice for those wanting to add private real estate to their investment mix. With a low starting point, a strong track record, and an easy-to-use interface310, Fundrise is a promising avenue for the adventurous investor, as long as they are aware of the inherent risks and costs. By doing proper research and matching their goals with the investment, investors can potentially enjoy the benefits of real estate crowdfunding.


What is Fundrise?

Fundrise stands as a leading private real estate investment platform today. It was founded in 2012. This platform allows individuals to invest in real estate with a low entry point, starting at $10.

Investors can explore residential and industrial properties through eREITs and eFunds. They focus on the Sunbelt region. Here, the prospects of growth tend to be higher, with costs relatively low.

Who is Fundrise for?

Fundrise suits long-term investors and those looking to diversify their holdings. It appeals to individuals keen on private and commercial real estate. It also attracts hands-on investors willing to conduct diligent research.

How does Fundrise work?

Fundrise facilitates real estate investment through eREITs and eFunds. One can start with a mere $10, making it accessible to many. This platform is designed for passive investing, hence appealing to a wide range of users.

Additionally, Fundrise offers the Interval Fund, enhancing your ability to cash out. They provide different plans to match various investment needs.

What are the pros of investing with Fundrise?

Big advantages of Fundrise include their own capital, used to prefund projects. The platform has a low $10 investment threshold. It boasts a solid 11-year history and a substantial capital base. Users get access to quality investment opportunities.

They cater to non-accredited investors, offering diversification. Their Fundrise Pro service adds more customization.

What are the cons of investing with Fundrise?

On the flip side, Fundrise is relatively new compared to traditional markets. This newness might give you pause for concern. The impact of rising interest rates on property values is another consideration.

Investors should also be aware of the tax implications related to their earnings.

How do I start investing with Fundrise?

To begin with Fundrise, $10 is all you need. The Starter Portfolio mixes income and growth funds evenly. Higher investments, ranging from $1,000 to $100,000, unlock various features.

This includes robo-investing, IRA options, access to IPOs, and tailored funds. Sign-up is straightforward, requiring basic information.

What fees are associated with Fundrise?

There's a 0.15% advisory fee and an 0.85% asset management fee annually. IRA fees are between $75-$125 a year.

There's also up to 2% in monthly organizational costs and potential eFund development fees. Disposition fees on eFund sales amount to 1.5%. It's crucial to read Fundrise's documentation to understand these fees fully.

How does Fundrise compare to competitors?

Fundrise's standout features include a $10 minimum investment and access for all investors. They offer diverse real estate options and a passive investment model.

The platform is also transparent. However, it requires a long-term view and has intricate fee structures.

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