22 Quick & Proven Ways to Boost Your Income

22 Quick & Proven Ways to Boost Your Income

Have you ever wanted to make more money without resorting to a casino? Boosting income means using your skills and tools wisely. There are many ways to grow your money, from learning with Earnable by Ramit Sethi to easy quick-start tips.

You can watch Ramit Sethi on Netflix's "How to Get Rich" or read his book. These will help you find new ways to make money.

22 Quick & Proven Ways to Boost Your Income

Key Takeaways

  • The key to boosting your income lies in leveraging your existing skills and the right tools.
  • Online surveys and freelancing platforms like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Bark, and Fiverr offer straightforward earning opportunities ranging from $0.40 to $5.00 per survey and beyond1.
  • Turning unused space into a money-making tool is possible with Airbnb1.
  • Etsy is a thriving marketplace, grossing over $13 billion in merchandise sales in 20222.
  • Participating in online surveys can be supplemented by engaging with multiple platforms for maximizing income potential12.

Freelance Your Skills

Want to earn quick cash? Freelancing might be your best bet. It allows you to use your skills for extra income. Whether you write, design, or code, you can find work easily.

Find Work on Freelance Platforms

Upwork and Fiverr are great places to start. You make a profile, show off your talents, and reach out to clients. It takes about 48 hours for Upwork to approve your profile2. But, earning money depends on how in-demand your skills are2. For example, some writers make over $100 an hour2.

Create a Portfolio or Website

Setting up a personal site or portfolio is smart. It shows off your best work and makes you look professional. Be sure to include your achievements and what others say about your work.

This makes it easier to get freelance jobs. It's a great way to turn your skills into cash quickly.

Sell Unused Items

Looking to make a few extra dollars? Selling what you don’t need anymore is a smart move. You can do this online or by having a yard sale. This guide will show you the best ways to sell stuff fast and make some money.

Declutter Your Home

Want to sell things you don’t use? First, you need to tidy up your place. Did you know most Americans barely touch 82% of their clothes3? Start by going through your stuff. Find things you no longer need or love. This not only clears your space but also lets you find items you can sell.

Utilize Selling Platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace

Places like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great for selling old items. They help you find lots of potential buyers. Think about selling board games, especially rare ones. They can sell for a lot, particularly if they're the first of a series4. Comics are also a good option, especially first editions or those with key character debuts4. With high-end fashion, second-hand sales are expected to grow rapidly4. Make your listings stand out with good photos and info to attract buyers.

Host a Garage Sale

Prefer a face-to-face sale? Then a garage sale might be your pick. It lets you sell a lot quickly. Try to run it when a lot of people will be around, like during community events or weekends. Stuff like old bikes and tools can still make you some money5. Keep your items well-organized and be open to haggling. Doing it this way or online offers good chances to earn fast money.

Participate in Online Surveys

Doing online surveys is a quick way to make some money. Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are well-known and easy to use. Survey Junkie lets you earn up to $50 for each survey and you can cash out at just $306. If you fill out surveys during free moments, you can make money without much effort. UserInterview is also a good site. It lets you earn $50 to a few hundred dollars for sharing your opinions6.

To make more money, sign up for more than one survey platform. This way, you have more chances to earn. Swagbucks and Survey Junkie let you choose between cash or gift cards for your rewards2.

App testing is another way to quickly reach that $30 mark. Testers can make $10-15 for each test. By combining these strategies, you can make money faster6.

If you keep at it and use many different survey sites, you can create a steady income. These income streams won’t make you rich in a day, but they’re a simple way to add to your pay. Try places like UserTesting.com too. They pay through PayPal, 14 days after each test2.

Drive for Ride-Sharing Services

Driving for services like Uber and Lyft is a quick way to make money. You can easily add to your income by joining these platforms. With the right moves, you might even make a lot more than you do now.

Sign Up with Uber or Lyft

The first step to earning from ride-sharing is signing up with Uber or Lyft. To drive for them, your car must meet their standards. This is to make sure passengers have a safe and comfy ride. In the U.S., Uber drivers make an average of $63,913 a year. This is higher than what most people make by 15%7.

Maximize Earnings with Peak Hours

If you want to earn more, work during peak hours with Uber and Lyft. Peak hours in the week are from 7:00 am-9:00 am and 4:00 pm-7:00 pm. During these times, you can get extra $2-$3 per trip. In Los Angeles County, use the Set Destination feature to find more chances for bonuses8.

On weekends, there are quests that can earn you big rewards. You could get $120 by finishing 55 trips before 4:01 am Monday. Even though quest bonuses don’t add up, more trips mean more money. Plan your driving time carefully around these peak and promo times to make the most of it.

Emily Guendelsberger, a journalist, recommends keeping snacks and water in your car. This keeps you comfortable and helps you stay sharp. Choosing central locations over suburbs helps reduce wear on your car. This also increases the number of trips you can take7.

By following these tips, driving for Uber and Lyft can be a great way to boost your income. You can earn money quickly and significantly increase your earnings.

Tutor Online

Online tutoring lets you share your knowledge from home. You can choose how much to charge and when to work. This gives you more freedom with your money and time.

Want to make quick cash? Sites like Studypool and Tutor.com help you find students who need help. On Studypool, how much you make per question varies but can be very good9. And, you can earn a decent hourly rate from $15 to $25 by tutoring online10.

When you teach online, you can make more money by doing things like answering questions well. Getting special badges on Studypool can help you get more and easier questions9. Also, making your students happy can lead to more work. This is because platforms like Studypool might suggest you to them again9.


If you know your subject well, you could make anywhere from $100 to over $10,000 a month teaching online10. It all depends on your skills, and if you work on your own or for a site. This way, you could earn money even while you're not working, especially in sought-after subjects.

Online teaching also means you can work from wherever you want. You get to pick your hours, which many people find appealing11. And, the online education field is growing fast, which means there will be more and more chances to teach over the coming years10.

Side Hustles

Getting involved in side hustles can help you make more money, all while using the skills you already have. There are many short-term jobs available that fit right into your usual schedule. This means you can quickly boost your income12.

Find Opportunities on Gig Economy Platforms

Websites like Upwork and TaskRabbit are brimming with side hustles tailored to different skills. For example, if you work as a transcriptionist on Rev, you could make between $20 and $45 per hour. This depends on how fast and skilled you are12. If you like to drive, delivering groceries for Shipt might be up your alley. It pays up to $22 an hour12. Another option is DoorDash, where you could earn as much as $500 monthly by delivering13.

Leverage Your Existing Skills

If you want to make the most in the gig economy, use the skills you've already got. Say you're a top-notch virtual assistant and have taken the Fully Booked VA course. You might charge $35 an hour on average, bumping up to $100 for those who are really good14. Using your keen eye to proofread can also bring in a good income. Graduates from Caitlin Pyle's proofreading course usually start at $17 an hour14. There's online tutoring too, with TutorMe paying at least $16 an hour12.

Side hustles in the gig economy make for a flexible and smart way to improve your financial position. Whether it's driving, tutoring, or assisting virtually, these quick income boosts can make short-term jobs more rewarding. They also let you profit from the skills you already have.

22 Quick & Proven methods to Make Money Fast

Diversifying your income can lead to financial stability. You can quickly make money by using your skills. This includes online surveys and taking on odd jobs.

Online surveys offer quick earnings, ranging from $0.50 to $5.00 per survey115. For a hands-on approach, you can deliver groceries. Platforms like Instacart and Shipt let you make instant cash16. Or, drive for Uber or Lyft and earn up to around $100 a day15.

Freelancing lets you sell your skills, such as graphic design or writing. Sites like Bark and Fiverr are great for this1. You can do things like technical writing or ghostwriting16. If you like teaching, consider tutoring through Varsity Tutors and Tutor.com1.

If you're creative, selling art on Etsy can be very profitable. One student made over $25,000 this way16. It's competitive, but hard work can help you stand out1. Hosting pop-up kitchen events can also bring in good money16.

Want more flexible work? Consider becoming a virtual assistant. Companies like BELAY, Zirtual, and Time Etc connect you to work fast1. You can also make money by doing market research studies via Respondent and FocusGroup.com1.

If you own property, you can lease out pieces of it. This can bring in extra money16. Or, list your space on Airbnb for more income1. Knowing how to earn through rentals is great for those with extra real estate.

Here is a table with quick ways to make money:

MethodPotential EarningsTime Frame
Online Surveys$0.50 - $5.00 per surveyImmediate
Ride-Sharing Services$100/daySame Day
Virtual Assistant JobsVariesFlexible
Freelance GigsVaries by ProjectFlexible
Renting Out Space$3 - $30Varies

Sell Handmade Crafts on Etsy

Turning your love of crafting into a successful side hustle on Etsy is simpler now. The platform has nearly 6 million sellers, so there's a large market to tap into17. Etsy ranks 41 in the US for web traffic, meaning your crafts could get noticed easily18.

Create Unique and High-Quality Products

Create crafts that are special and show top-notch quality. Handmade jewelry, crafts, and personalized gifts do well on Etsy17. If you offer services like embroidery or photography editing, they can also be big hits17. High quality stands out and brings in more buyers.

Optimize Listings with Great Photos and Descriptions

Good marketing is essential to make sales. Use high-quality photos; you can take them with a modern smartphone19. And, write compelling product descriptions. This makes your crafts more enticing to buyers. Etsy listings often show up in Google searches, which helps more people find your creations18. Great customer service and positive reviews mean more repeat buyers19. This improves your store's reputation and sales.

PlatformListing FeeTransaction FeeProcessing Fee
Etsy$0.20 per item183.5% of sale price184% + $0.0617
Direct CheckoutN/AN/A3% + $0.2518
PayPalN/AN/A2.7% + $0.3018
eBayN/A10% of sale price182.7% + $0.3018

Rent Out Extra Space

It's not uncommon for homeowners to make easy money by renting out their space on Airbnb. To make your place attract more renters and make money faster, you have to know what renters want. You also need to make sure your place is different from others on the market.

List Your Space on Airbnb

Getting your place on Airbnb is simple but powerful. Airbnb only takes a small 3% cut of your earnings, so it's budget-friendly20. In contrast, Peerspace takes 15%, showing Airbnb is a better choice for keeping prices competitive20. This way of earning money lets homeowners keep control of their space and privacy while making a profit.

Ensure Competitive Pricing and Excellent Photos

To make your listing stand out, it's key to price it right for the area21. Quality pictures and detailed descriptions catch renters' eyes. By providing top-notch service, you can become a Superhost. This means more people will see your listing and choose to stay with you. Combining these steps makes your space a great way to earn fast cash.


Boosting your income is key to reaching your financial goals. You might want to pay off debt, save for something big, or just have more money. This article shows ways to increase what you earn. Look at what you're good at and what you like. This will help you find the best way to make more money.

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr help you use your skills for money. They have jobs from writing, which grew by 58% in the second quarter of 20232, to jobs that pay over $100 per hour2. Then there’s Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. They let you earn cash on your own time. Survey Junkie has over 20 million members. You can earn $3 to $50 per survey22.

You can also make money fast by selling things online. eBay and Facebook Marketplace are good for this. You could also try side jobs or tutoring online. Teaching English online, for example, pays $14 to $26 per lesson on average22. And writing for websites like Contena and Scripted can earn you $10 or more per article22. Remember, it's important to plan your finances well and be smart with your money. Using good strategies is key to becoming financially stable.

By trying out these ideas, you can move closer to financial freedom. Pick the ones that match your time and interests. The economy in North America is growing, with an expected $3.7 trillion boost from AI by 20302. This means there are more chances for you. Seize these opportunities to reach your financial goals.


What are some quick income methods I can try immediately?

Finding quick income is easy. Consider freelancing, selling what you don't use, online surveys, or ride-sharing. They use your skills and stuff to make money soon.

How can I find freelance gigs to make money fast?

Use Bark and Fiverr to find freelance work. Make a portfolio or website to show your skills. It helps bring in clients.

What’s the best way to declutter my home and make money?

To declutter and earn, sell things online, or have a sale. eBay and Facebook Marketplace can turn your clutter into cash quickly.

Are online surveys a reliable way to earn extra cash?

Online surveys on sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie offer easy money regularly. It's a dependable way to add to your income.

Can driving for Uber or Lyft help me earn money quickly?

Driving for Uber or Lyft during busy times can really up your earnings fast.

How can I start tutoring online to increase my income?

Use Varsity Tutors or Tutor.com to start. You can decide when to teach and what to charge, giving personal lessons from your place.

What types of side hustles can I pursue?

Look at platforms like Upwork and TaskRabbit for quick jobs. These gigs can help add to your main income.

How can I turn my crafting hobby into a business?

Sell your crafts on Etsy. Make sure they're top-notch, and your page is attractive. Good photos and descriptions draw in buyers.

How do I make money by renting out extra space?

Use Airbnb with fair prices and great photos. Outstanding service could earn you Superhost status. It may lead to more bookings.

What are the steps to immediate earnings through quick cash strategies?

To make money fast, try freelancing, selling things you don't use, taking surveys, and adding side jobs. Each strategy needs a different approach but can boost your income right away.

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